The Program

2 Turntables has two different programs, one is called Table Talk and the other is Table Lessons



Table Talk


Description: Table Talk is an 8-week program that combines practical DJ lessons while discussing a student/patient’s mental health concerns with a licensed mental health therapist (extending sessions/lessons after eight weeks can be available).  The session is 52 minutes in length. Half of the lesson is conducting actual psycho-therapy/counseling psychology, and the remaining half is focused on a hands-on DJ lesson, starting with traditional DJ equipment (two Technics 1200 and vinyl records) to modern DJ equipment (controllers, CDJ’s, digital software).  Each session builds off of the last session. 

The mental health component incorporates Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation practice, and Behavior Modification to address mental health symptoms.  The DJ lessons can be catered to provide life skills aside from proficiency in DJ’ing by the end of the 8th week.

Some assignments outside the session will be expected to reinforce lessons taught and discussed and take decisive action with one’s personal issues.  Therapy and DJ lessons can be canceled anytime.  Extending sessions/lessons after eight weeks can be available.


Goals/Benefits:  Reduction of mental health symptoms, developing healthier coping strategies, emotional regulation, improving inter-personal relationships, improvement in self-esteem, creating a sense of connection to one’s self and the music, increasing motivation, discovering and acquiring a new skillset, creating a more positive outlook on life. 

Table Lessons 

Description: This program is focused solely on learning the art of DJing.  The program is eight weeks long and will provide lessons on mixing, beat matching, scratching, music selection, transition, effective listening, and EQ’ing.  The program starts by teaching and having students learn to play traditionally on two turntables and vinyl records. 

In time, the students will learn new technologies in DJing that can enhance their skill set.  The lessons are practical and hands-on.  Positive reinforcement and encouragement will be provided in a non-judgmental, welcoming, and comfortable environment. 

Dj’ing offers an opportunity for a student to learn to be self-expressive and creative through one’s love and selection of music.  Table Lessons is meant to be fun, unique, engaging, and kinetic.   By the end of the 8th week, the student will have strong fundamentals of DJing, be able to practice independently and have the confidence to express oneself musically through DJing. 

Goals/Benefits:  positive self-esteem, improve self-confidence, self-awareness, discovering a new skill