Paul Dang is the founder and creator of the 2TMYO program.  He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The son of refugee parents from Viet Nam, he witnessed, first hand, the impact of war, violence, and trauma on his family and relatives.  As an anxious yet curious child, Paul found comfort and joy in music.  He would often spend his idle time listening and recording music on his parent’s boom box, envisioning himself as a disc jockey for his favorite local radio station, 94.5 3WS.  Music had a way of expanding his imagination.  It was through listening to jazz, doo wop, and soul music that he also found solace with his thoughts and feelings.  
       In 1986, his father brought home a betamax video cassette player and along with the film “The Way of the Dragon” by Bruce Lee.  Enamored by Bruce Lee’s rare presence, ability, and philosophy, Paul began studying and practicing martial arts like his idol. Learning various styles taught him discipline, integrity, perseverance and self-control.  More than just a form self-defense and art form, martial arts became a way to sharpen his own mind and thought process. 
       In 1989, Paul was 13 years old and saw the video for "Fight the Power” by Public Enemy.  The sheer power in the music and lyrics as well as the images of people coming together captivated his mind and attention. That became a pivotal moment and introduction to his love for Hip Hop culture and music.  In 1995, he saved up all of his money and bought two Technic 1200 turntables and delved himself into the art and practice of dj'ing.  Hip Hop culture, through the lens of the Universal Zulu Nation, taught him the important principles of Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun.  It was through these sentiments and the experience of being involved in Pittsburgh's Hip Hop community that he recognized the power and influence of music and bringing people together.
       Music, martial arts, and the love for community have been a constant thing throughout his life.  From organizing musical and cultural events to outreaching into various communities for over 25+ years, he found the most gratitude from helping and serving people.  But it was not until a Play Therapy class that he took in graduate school for counseling psychology that he saw the intersection of all of his interests into one unifying idea.  Utilizing all of his experiences and lessons since childhood, the idea to turn dj'ing into a healing and self-help program was born.  And the rest is history.